Projects that are constructed in extreme environments or designed to require extreme engineering, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, heavy industry and nuclear facilities, are often extremely complex and highly demanding. Designing the mechanical and electrical services for these assets requires an accurate specification and excellent spatial data in order to avoid any service route clashes.

Sophisticated 3D modelling programs have helped significantly to manage the complexities of this process, improve accuracy and aid effective collaboration between delivery partners. That’s why Vantrunk has fully integrated our entire cable management portfolio in the latest 3D plant design software, including cable ladder, cable tray and our triple-slotted modular support system.

How Vantrunk Can Help You Model Your Cable Management in 3D

We’re committed to supporting engineers and designers in maximising projects’ productivity and capabilities, working with you to advise on the best cable management solutions, including bespoke items developed by our in-house design team where required. That commitment is the same whether you’re working on a small brownfield upgrade or a huge multi-faceted scheme, and integration of our product range within 3D modelling software is just one example of how we deliver that in practice.

Our products have been integrated with the latest plant design software, including AVEVA PDMS and Everything3D, and Hexagon PPM Smart 3D (formerly known as Intergraph Smart Plant 3D).
The availability of our entire product catalogue in these systems helps you to:
- Reduce design time
- Improve accuracy
- Avoid costly re-working of the design during the site phase
- Prevent potential delays by resolving any issues during the design phase

The Benefits of 3D Digital Modelling in Plant Design

There are several reasons why using a cable management system available within your digital design software can help you save time and costs, improve your design and avoid potential problems during the build phase. Here are just a few of them.

Thanks to our investment in ensuring all our product data is available in 3D digital modelling systems commonly used by engineers and designers, you can not only clearly visualise the cable management systems as you design them, but also gain an accurate understanding of the weight of each component in the cable management infrastructure. This can be particularly beneficial where transportation of building materials to remote or offshore locations is a major cost or logistical consideration, and for projects where the structural loading of the electrical services needs to be controlled.

The digital modelling software can help you plan the routes of cables and cable management with accurate product dimensions embedded in the model thanks to the integration of our product data within the system. Clash-detection and integrity checking are automatic, supporting improved buildability and avoiding costly re-working and potential delays once the project reaches site.

Designing the cable management installation using a 3D modelling program enhances efficiency for all disciplines and helps the team to manage risk, cost and timescales for both new build and refurbishment projects. Potential savings can be identified and plants can start up faster and more safely, meeting mission-critical deadlines and requirements.

Procurement Advantages

It’s not just the design process that’s more accurate when using a cable management system that’s been integrated with a digital modelling program; the Vantrunk data in the system also helps to ensure a smoother procurement process.

Our investment in fully integrating our product catalogue with the most popular digital design software platforms means that you benefit from full part code compatibility with Vantrunk’s ordering system. It also means that drawings, reports and bills of materials (BoM) are produced directly from the digital modelling software, ensuring their accuracy and compatibility with the products in our range.

First-hand Experience

We know that integration of our products with digital modelling software has made a big difference to the engineers and design teams we work with, because they’ve told us.

Here’s what lead electrical engineer, Gary Hastings, had to say: “Using the Vantrunk catalogue in the Aveva PDMS modelling system during the design phase will prevent clashes with all items that have been modelled, thus significantly reducing any re-work during the construction phase.

“The catalogue has an accuracy of modelling down to 1mm and the precise design produced enables enhanced scheduling and forward planning and the accurate production of MTOs and isometric drawings for construction.”

For more information on designing Vantrunk systems into your project using digital plant modelling software contact our technical team technical@vantrunk.co.uk.


Race for Life Sponsorship Raises over £600

Memebers of Vantrunk's sales team recently took part in the Race for Life series at Aintree race course in Liverpool. They raised over £600 in sponsorship money that will go directly into the fight against cancer in the UK. 

Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life is a series of women-only events raising money for research into all 200 types of cancer.


Vantrunk & Cavotec Expand Agreement

Vantrunk are delighted to annouce that we have apointed Cavotec Middle East FZE as their official distributor for the full range of cable management products for the UAE including Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 

Matching the diversity of the general industry market, Cavotec offers a comprehensive range of products. By working closely with clients, they consistently provide effective and cost efficient solutions. Flexibility, quality, and superior customer care, make Cavotec a clear favourite among industry operators throughout the world. 

Vantrunk look forward to forming a successful partnership with Cavotec over the coming years. 


Christmas Jumper Day at Vantrunk

news story

Staff at Vantrunk's Head Quarters in Warrington, England donned their Christmas jumpers this week in aid of the Save The Children Charity. For more information on this great charity or to donate, visit http://jumpers.savethechildren.org.uk/. 



The Oil & Gas Operators in Oman have identified a major need to create a Joint O&G Supplier Base of Oman that would form the sourcing basis of their Procurement System. The Joint Registration System is a National initiative that will encourage credible suppliers – national and international, to register in the common pool. They will benefit from a ‘Single Window Registration System’ in order to tap into independent Operator opportunities and that would in turn give the Operators a direct connectivity into a ‘cleansed’ base of Suppliers in order to ‘seek and identify’ suppliers for their varying needs.

Vantrunk are delighted to have succssfully completed the registration process and look forward to building on our already rich supply history to Oman.