CAPTION: Pictured left to right are Michael White, Paul Nolan, Elvia Kolenc, Trevor Tomkins and Alan Campbell.

As a specialist in cable management, Vantrunk manufactures and designs engineered solutions and products that provide substantial total installed cost savings. Our solutions-driven approach has been at the core of everything we do since the business was acquired by the Unitrunk Group in 2000.

Synergy & Strategy

As brands within the Unitrunk Group, Vantrunk and Unitrunk have historically worked in quite different marketplaces. Vantrunk has always specialised in harsh industrial sectors, where both conditions and compliance requirements are extreme, whereas Unitrunk’s focus is on mainstream commercial environments such as offices, schools, factories and residential blocks. However, there is a crossover and, while Vantrunk custom-engineers many projects with heavy-duty grades of steel, we supply the whole Unitrunk Group product portfolio, including the RIS (rapid installation systems) ranges. It’s that turnkey capability that’s led us to establish a Group Projects Team to provide a holistic, solutions-based approach to specifying and supplying cable management needs across a range of heavy industrial sectors, including:

• Oil & gas
• Petrochemicals
• Water & wastewater treatment
• Tunnels
• Rail
• Nuclear

Meet the Team

The new strategy builds on our added value approach to providing specification support for Vantrunk customers and advising on the best – often bespoke – solutions to meet the needs of the project. It has led to the creation of a new role within the company of Group Projects Director which is now filled by Mr. Alan Campbell, working closely with our Group MD, David Morrow, and Group Sales Director, Eddie O’Reilly, and leading a team of four Business Development Managers drawn from across both the Unitrunk and Vantrunk businesses.

The team consists of:
• Paul Nolan – responsible for projects across the UK
• Trevor Tomkins – responsible for projects in London, South West England, South Wales & Denmark
• Michael White – responsible for projects in South East England and North America
• Elvia Kolenc – responsible for projects in Italy, Spain, France, Holland & Belgium
• Alan Campbell – responsible for projects in Asia, South America and the Middle East

Why not get in contact to see how we can help you on your next project.


New Lighting Bracket Product Range

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As the specialist in cable management solutions for extreme environments, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new range of lighting unit accessories at this year’s SPE Offshore Europe Exhibition and Conference in Aberdeen (3rd – 6th September 2019).

We will be exhibiting our cable management product range including the showcasing of our new lighting range for the first time on our stand (1R38) as part of the EIC pavilion in Hall 1.

This launch demonstrates Vantrunk’s ongoing commitment to innovation in the design and development of products suitable for challenging environments such as those found in the oil & gas, energy and heavy engineering industries. All of the new products are designed to be used in conjunction with Vantrunk’s Speedway Cable Ladder, Cable Tray and Intelok Steel Framing Systems. The new lighting unit accessory range also includes a variety of mounting brackets, cable guides and handrail mounting kits.

The accessory range features a variety of brackets that includes a selection of fixed angle and adjustable angle variants that also accommodate numerous mounting conditions, including mounting to the side or above and/or below Vantrunk’s Cable Management Systems. This ensures the range provides adaptable solutions that cover various onsite scenarios.

Also being launched alongside the mounting brackets is a series of Handrail Mounting Kits that cover a range of heights and situations, and a collection of cable guides that are designed to direct and protect the cabling for the lighting unit.

Vantrunk’s Technical Team worked in close collaboration with Chalmit, part of the Hubbell Harsh & Hazardous Group, to utilise their extensive experience of supplying reliable, quality-driven and cost effective lighting solutions, in order to ensure that the lighting unit accessories meet customers’ requirements and provide value-added solutions. The team also took care to ensure that the new product range is fully compatible with lighting units from all leading manufacturers.

Matt Ryder, Technical Manager at Vantrunk comments “Our technical team developed the lighting unit mounting brackets so that it is possible to mount lighting units directly to hardware, such as Vantrunk’s Cable Management Systems, that are already installed. This eliminates the need to drill existing steelwork or erect dedicated poles or structures in order to install lighting units.

“These brackets form a part of a range of solutions that can significantly reduce the weight, cost and installation time of lighting installations, while ensuring that designers and engineers can still achieve the project’s lighting design.”

Alan Campbell, Vantrunk’s Group Projects Director adds: “The biennial SPE Offshore Exhibition and Conference is the ideal forum to launch this innovative new range of lighting brackets and accessories as it continues to be a leading event for sharing best practice in the design and specification of offshore environments.

“Our focus as a market leader in cable management solutions for extreme environments is to offer the industry products that help to manage the cost, weight and programme of offshore projects while aiding improved design, functionality and resilience. Development of the new range is aligned to these goals and complements Vantrunk’s reputation for innovative, market-focused design.”

To find out more about our new product line come visit us at the Offshore Europe show our contact sales@vantrunk.co.uk.



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Projects that are constructed in extreme environments or designed to require extreme engineering, such as oil and gas, petrochemical, heavy industry and nuclear facilities, are often extremely complex and highly demanding. Designing the mechanical and electrical services for these assets requires an accurate specification and excellent spatial data in order to avoid any service route clashes.

Sophisticated 3D modelling programs have helped significantly to manage the complexities of this process, improve accuracy and aid effective collaboration between delivery partners. That’s why Vantrunk has fully integrated our entire cable management portfolio in the latest 3D plant design software, including cable ladder, cable tray and our triple-slotted modular support system.

How Vantrunk Can Help You Model Your Cable Management in 3D

We’re committed to supporting engineers and designers in maximising projects’ productivity and capabilities, working with you to advise on the best cable management solutions, including bespoke items developed by our in-house design team where required. That commitment is the same whether you’re working on a small brownfield upgrade or a huge multi-faceted scheme, and integration of our product range within 3D modelling software is just one example of how we deliver that in practice.

Our products have been integrated with the latest plant design software, including AVEVA PDMS and Everything3D, and Hexagon PPM Smart 3D (formerly known as Intergraph Smart Plant 3D).
The availability of our entire product catalogue in these systems helps you to:
- Reduce design time
- Improve accuracy
- Avoid costly re-working of the design during the site phase
- Prevent potential delays by resolving any issues during the design phase

The Benefits of 3D Digital Modelling in Plant Design

There are several reasons why using a cable management system available within your digital design software can help you save time and costs, improve your design and avoid potential problems during the build phase. Here are just a few of them.

Thanks to our investment in ensuring all our product data is available in 3D digital modelling systems commonly used by engineers and designers, you can not only clearly visualise the cable management systems as you design them, but also gain an accurate understanding of the weight of each component in the cable management infrastructure. This can be particularly beneficial where transportation of building materials to remote or offshore locations is a major cost or logistical consideration, and for projects where the structural loading of the electrical services needs to be controlled.

The digital modelling software can help you plan the routes of cables and cable management with accurate product dimensions embedded in the model thanks to the integration of our product data within the system. Clash-detection and integrity checking are automatic, supporting improved buildability and avoiding costly re-working and potential delays once the project reaches site.

Designing the cable management installation using a 3D modelling program enhances efficiency for all disciplines and helps the team to manage risk, cost and timescales for both new build and refurbishment projects. Potential savings can be identified and plants can start up faster and more safely, meeting mission-critical deadlines and requirements.

Procurement Advantages

It’s not just the design process that’s more accurate when using a cable management system that’s been integrated with a digital modelling program; the Vantrunk data in the system also helps to ensure a smoother procurement process.

Our investment in fully integrating our product catalogue with the most popular digital design software platforms means that you benefit from full part code compatibility with Vantrunk’s ordering system. It also means that drawings, reports and bills of materials (BoM) are produced directly from the digital modelling software, ensuring their accuracy and compatibility with the products in our range.

First-hand Experience

We know that integration of our products with digital modelling software has made a big difference to the engineers and design teams we work with, because they’ve told us.

Here’s what lead electrical engineer, Gary Hastings, had to say: “Using the Vantrunk catalogue in the Aveva PDMS modelling system during the design phase will prevent clashes with all items that have been modelled, thus significantly reducing any re-work during the construction phase.

“The catalogue has an accuracy of modelling down to 1mm and the precise design produced enables enhanced scheduling and forward planning and the accurate production of MTOs and isometric drawings for construction.”

For more information on designing Vantrunk systems into your project using digital plant modelling software contact our technical team technical@vantrunk.co.uk.



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Making the right specification choices for any project can be vital for completing on time and within budget, while ensuring the required design life and quality criteria are met. But when your project is located in an extreme environment such as Offshore Oil & Gas, Offshore Wind, Onshore Petrochemical or Onshore Nuclear, specifying the right cable management for the job is critical for project cost, safety, and the longevity of the asset.

At Vantrunk we specialise in designing cable management solutions for extreme environments like these and work with clients to help them consider;

• the varied demands of the installation environment
• the weight and space restrictions of the installation
• the parameters of the build programme

By working with the customer as early as possible, ideally during the pre-tender design phase, we can provide the appropriate engineering and design expertise. This ensures the specification is not only fit for purpose, but also answers key criteria including, cost, project delivery times and design factors.
What does your cable management need to do?

A cable management system should be designed to minimise weight and installation costs whilst maximising strength and corrosion resistance. Whilst it is not always viewed as a key engineering component, it’s an element of the specification that can allow substantial savings to be achieved through appropriate design that maximises project cost savings at the same time as maintaining system integrity.
Areas to consider include:
• Temperature range – the cable management material needs to be suitable for the maximum extremes of temperature in the location
• Susceptibility to corrosion – this could be from chemical, marine or environmental factors and should influence the grade of steel specified
• Onshore Vs Offshore – marine environments not only affect corrosion risk but also influence viable maintenance intervals
• Load-bearing – this should include structural and environmental factors, such as wind loading, along with cabling requirements and any future capacity requirements

How can Vantrunk save you time and money?

Vantrunk’s Cable Management System has been designed to provide enhanced strength and corrosion resistance, even in the most extreme environments, while providing potential for substantial cost savings thanks to reductions in weight and the number of supports required. For further information on how Vantrunk can assist on your next project contact the sales team at sales@vantrunk.co.uk.


Understanding Project Requirements

With our advanced manufacturing facilities and extensive warehouse capacity at both our Lisburn and Warrington sites, we’re extremely proud of our capabilities as a UK manufacturer and we have lots of customers here in the UK. However, we also supply on a global scale, and ensuring that the right materials arrive in the correct location on time and with all the necessary documentation requires much more than a standard order fulfilment approach; it demands project management expertise.

Understanding Project Requirements
Vantrunk specialises in providing cable management solutions for all kinds of extreme environments, including the oil & gas industry, petrochemicals, rail and nuclear. The diversity of projects we get involved with leverages the company’s 50+ years of experience but no two projects are the same and different geographies have their own requirements in areas as diverse as customs regulations, import duties, health & safety legislation, climate and compliance, affecting both specification decisions and logistics. One thing that all the projects we supply have in common, however, is that both scheduling and budgets must remain on track, which means our customers have to be able to rely on us to manage every aspect of their requirements.

Project Management Expertise
We work with our customers to understand their needs and specify a solution that fits their requirements, and that solutions-driven approach continues in the way we apply our experience to managing their order through the production, fulfilment and delivery process, anywhere in the world.
We support our customers by:
• Advising on shipping quantities and intervals
• Managing production schedules to ensure product is ready for shipping on time
• Managing inspection requirements
• Packing to meet any customer, carrier or destination port requirements
• Compiling all documentation, including ensuring that the right documents are available, in the local language of the destination if required, and with the right number of copies
By working with customers to understand their site requirements, we can ensure that their shipments are staggered in a way that’s manageable in terms of their local logistics and build schedule, without the risk of any site delays. With the size and frequency of shipments agreed, we can then plan our production schedules and put everything in place for seamless packing, dispatch and transportation,.
And, of course, we also keep customers up-to-speed with progress reports at regular intervals throughout their project, providing complete peace of mind that everything is on track.

Exceeding Expectations
From the oil markets of USA, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan to the tiger industrial markets of China and Korea, our customer-base is truly global. Our commitment to customers, wherever their project may be, is that they can expect the same level of service from our UK team as they could if we were based on their doorstep.